June Advisory Board Meeting

Purpose: To hold an Advisory Board meeting to conduct the business of The Parish of St. Margaret, New Toronto.
Desired Meeting Results: (DMR’s)
By the end of this meeting we will have…
1. Had a devotional time
2. Reviewed, discussed and made decisions, as required, on the various agenda items
3. Confirmed next meeting date including identifying a memberto do devotions and bringthe snack
Who: Rev. Mark, Rev Mary, Anne, Cara, Linda, Melinda, Marion, Susan, Mary Ann, Charlene, Lynne, Sharon, Doug

Proposed Agenda

Finance Update
Program/Events Updates
Past Events:

Spring Tea
lncumbent Report
Youth Report
Upcoming Events:
Strawberry Festival
VBS Summer
Various individuals as per event
0ther Business:
Other item(s)
Next Meeting date,including devotions and snack

Meeting evaluation Susan/Sharon All
What worked? What could we do
better in our next meetings?
Adjournment & Next Meeting  Date: September 20th, 2016

Advisorv Board

Average Sunday attendance to date is 80. A modest increase of 5o%  over 2015.

Since 20LZ our Sunday average attendance has increased by 21 people or 36 %

We have gained two parishioners in June.
]ohn Madray – who attends the 10:30 a.m, service
Michael Boudreau – who attends the 8:30 a.m. service.

We have two weddings this summerl
3:00 p.m. Friday |uly 15th Jannah Wigle & Ryan Tuke
2:00 p.m. Saturday September 24th Rebecca Brennan & Adrian Boney

As you likely know I was appointed the Regional Dean of Etobicoke Humber
Deanery by the Bishop. This is an added responsibility and another 20 or so meetings per
year at minimum. And with our Bishop retiring the expectation is that the Regional Deans
will have added workloads this fall. Thanks to Rev. Mary without whom I would not have
wanted to take on this role!
Starting with the first Sunday in July we will be in St. Agnes Hall for Sunday worship
and will only have the L0:30 a,m. service. The regular pattern of worship will resume in
September, apart from lazz Vespers which hasn’t gained an audience and I would suggest
we cancel.
The “Tealess Tea” newsletter goes out this week – thanks to Stephanie for another
great job!
Gwyn has volunteered to count our change jars – I would suggest we make a pitch to
folks in September to use them more regularly.
Thanks to Luke Jongsma for filling in for Rebecca when she was away. The
suggestion has been made that Luke play on a regular basis on Sunday’s; perhaps the third
Sunday of the month when the children lead the liturgy. Is this something we would like to
see happen in the fall? From the savings of cancelling JazzVespers we can afford to pay
Luke for this added responsibility. He has agreed to take this on if we agree.
Yesterday at the invitation of the Diocese of Toronto I participated in an interview and
panel discussion with the Flourishing Congregations Institute of Ambrose University. This
group of University professors are studying what makes a parish flourish in Canada. To
date they have identified five traits of Flourishing Congregations:
1.  Clear Self Identity
2. Committed Leadership
3. Desire to Grow
4. Hospitable Community

5. a Vibrant Spiritual life

As part of the panel discussion we heard from a United Church of Canada official fnot
ordained and whose education is a MBA). That their research shows that for a
congregation in Canada to have a healthy bottom line the congregation needs to be in
partnership with 12 other groups in their neighbourhood.

The other thing she shared was that while the United Church has on average been closing a
congregation per week in Canada they have in the past few years started 30 new ones! The
representative of the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto told us that because of immigration
to Toronto they are the only Catholic Diocese in North America to have never closed a
congregation! He also pointed out that Out of the Cold in Toronto is seen as a great
ecumenical success story by the Catholic Church!

A good deal of the panel discussion was devoted to what makes the Canadian situation for
the Christian Church unique. The consensus of the panel was that we’re far more like the
Church in Europe [particularly England) than we are the United States.

This year is St. Margaret’s 110th anniversary – do we want to mark this in a special way this


Spring Youth Report – May 201.6
Submitted on: WednesdayJune 1st, 2016
By: Andrea Morrison
After-School Program:
The After-School Program is still thriving, and with the rapid increase of youth, it has shown to be
much more of a challenge, However, as of lately, the youth are becoming increasingly more
independent and respectful of the rules that are posted in the church hall. This challenge also
allows me to develop my skills as a youth minister. Although some days are difficult, it is always a
pleasure working and hanging out with the youth that attend ! Since the end of the school year is
coming up, it has been decided that the last week of after-school programming will be on
Wednesday June 22nd, 2A1,6. Notes will be going home with the parents, as well as a pamphlet
on the summer events happening at St. Margaret’s as well as the Summer Camp.
Program Under Construction:
The Teen Program is still very small, with approximately 2-3 youth per Wednesday. Since
creating a poll on Facebook inquiring what program(s) youth aged 14-18 would be interested in
attending in September. Some of the options that were provided to these individuals were:
Collaborative Projects (i.e. Art, Music, Poetry, Photography), Workshops (i.e. Self-Esteerr,
Bullying, Anger Management, Friendship, Healthy Eating), Fitness Program (i.e. Yoga, Zumba,
Fitness Obstacles, Dance), Team Sports (i.e. Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Frisbee,
Dodgeball). Once I have confirmed what is most popular, I will then begin to structure weekly
programming specific to the choice that is selected.
Friday Youth Program:
The Friday Youth Program is still going strong, and has been enjoyed by a multitude of youth. I
have gotten a list from the youth outlining what they would like to do for next year, as this year
is wrapping up. I am hoping that once the school year is finished, I can take some time to
develop new programming, activities, trips, and look into using some of our fundraising money
to purchase new equipment such as; dodgeballs, soccer balls, footballs, and an air pump. l’m
hoping that with a bit of new equipment, it will bring more fun to our games, and also spark an
interest for other youth to attend if they don’t already.
Sundav Morning Tea & Cookie Club:
Our Sunday Morning Tea and Cookie Club has continued to be a huge success. We continue to
have a dedicated group of youth who attend, and take part in the programming, and in the
monthly AAWE service. The Tea and Cookie Club is continuing to engage in Bible study and
activities such as Bible Mad Gab. I will be attending a Training Course in order to better prepare
myself for September and will attend one Saturday per month, for 9 months in order to gain
valuable experience, resources, and ideas.
All Ages Worship Experience (AAWE):
Our AAWE has been a huge success since it started in early September. Our participants from
our Sunday tea and cookie club have been participating in running the service every 3’d Sunday
of the month. They have specific responsibilities such as MC-ing, doing the readings, as well as
preparing and preaching sermons. We look forward to continuing this program with the Tea and
Cookie Club and look forward to new ways that can be brought up so that the youth can become
even more involved within the Sunday morning worship services, with the congregation, and
with God.
Summer Camp:
This year, the summer camp will be running from Monday August 29th- September 2nd, 201,6.
This year’s summer camp theme is The Surf Shack lt will look at the Bible, and engage the
children in meaningful lessons, songs, and prayer, Planning for the summer camp has long
begun, and is in the process. Almost all of our Senior and Junior leaders are back from last year,
and we look forward to having another amazing summer camp this year.

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