Charles Briggs and the Bible

407px-CharlesAugustusBriggsBriggs was ordained an Episcopal Priest in 1899, prior to that he served the Presbyterian Church. His view proved to be too radical and he was suspended in 1893 from his ‘home’ denomination.

Here are 3 quotes reflective of Brigg’s thought:

  • “Church and Bible are means not ends; they are avenues to God, but are not God.”
  • “The Bible has been treated as if it were a baby, to be wrapped in swaddling clothes, nursed, and carefully guarded, lest it should be injured by heretics and sceptics.”
  • “Criticism is at work with knife and fire. Let us cut down everything that is dead and harmful, every kind of dead orthodoxy, every species of effete ecclesiasticism, all those dry and brittle fences that constitution denominationalism and are the barriers of Church Unity. Let us remove every encumbrance out of the way for a new life: the life of God is moving throughout Christendom, and the springtime of a new age is about to come upon us.”

I find myself in agreement with Briggs. I wonder do you? And I find it amazing that he was thinking these things outloud better than 100 years ago!

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