Advisory Board Meeting – March 2015

Purpose: To hold an Advisory Board meeting to conduct the business of The Parish of St. Margaret, New Toronto.
Desired Meeting Results: (DMR’s)
By the end of this meeting we will have…
1. Had a devotional time
2. Reviewed, discussed and made decisions, as required, on the various agenda items
3. Confirmed next meeting date including identifying a member to do devotions and bring the snack

Present: Rev. Mark, Rev Mary, Anne, Susan, Charlene, Lynne, Sharon, Doug

Regrets: Cara, Linda, Melinda, Marion, Mary Anne, Terry
Meeting Notes
Time Item Meeting Notes
7:15 pm Check-in A brief check-in was conducted.
7:20 pm Devotions Susan shared a devotional with an inspirational thought from the Dali Lama.
7:25 pm Finance/Stewardship Reports Updates A financial report was distributed and reviewed. The report provided a comparison of the actual year to date totals for January & February 2015 to January & February 2014. It was noted that these statements indicated that we are presently in a very good financial situation with revenue increase and expense decrease for the 2015 year. The hope is to have this trend continue for the remainder of this year.
It was also noted that an increase has also occurred in Sunday worship attendance for this same period for an average of 84 in 2015 in comparison to 74 in 2014.
No stewardship report was presented. It was noted that we continue to follow the Diocese stewardship calendar. The next task on the calendar will be a letter to all envelope holders encouraging them to become Pre Authorized Givers (PAGs).
7:30 pm Warden’s Report Updates
• Property – Roof

• Other items added at meeting – sink stoppers; plastic bags; office computer repair It was reported that a meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 7th with a roofing company to discuss and put a plan of action into place for the roof in St. Agnes Hall.
New sink stoppers have been purchased for all sinks as the former ones went missing.
It was noted that we also have a need for more plastic bags. An announcement will be placed in the bulletin.
The office computer issue has been identified and fixed. There is no need to purchase a new computer at this time. A printer server is on order that will allow printing to the main copier from the offices.
7:45 pm Program/Events Updates
Past Events:
• Pancake Supper
• Café Service
Upcoming Events:
• Lent
• St. George Pub Night
• Spring Concert
• Mother’s Day Tea (added at meeting) The two past events were highlighted and discussed. It was agreed by all that this year’s pancake supper was a success from all aspects. The youth Café service first meeting was held on the last Friday of January and continues to be held twice a month on Friday evenings.

The upcoming events were highlighted and discussed as follows:
The Holy Week services are planned and we look forward to another week of worship and reflection leading up to Easter Sunday.
The planning committee for the St. George’s Pub Night have met and all is in order. The event is shaping up to be another great event. The goal is to sell 85 tickets.
The Mother’s Day Tea planning committee will meet on Tuesday, April 14th to begin the planning for the Saturday, May 9th tea.
The Spring Concert planning committee will meet on Tuesday, April 28th to begin the planning for the Saturday, June 6th concert. A question was raised as to what is the purpose of this spring concert. This concert has been added and planned to assist with raising funds to pay for the stipend for the musicians for our Christmas concert.
7:50 pm Other Business:
• Other item(s) – Spring Clean-up; Spring/Summer/Fall Gardening duties
• Next Meeting date, including devotions and snack It was decided that the spring clean-up will take place on Saturday, April 11th from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. The goal is to clean the inside of the church, especially the walls. If the weather cooperates we are hoping to have some outside cleaning completed, in particular the cleaning of the windows. Charlene will prepare a list of “things to do” and provide the supplies needed

A question was raised as to who looks after the garden, planting, weeding, etc. The individual who looked after this for us last year, has passed away. It was agreed that we would put an announcement in the bulletin to seek volunteers to assist with this. Sharon has agreed to coordinate the volunteers (St. Margaret’s Garden Guild).

The next meeting is set for Tuesday, May 256th, 2015 at 7:15 pm.

Sharon agreed to do devotions and Charlene agreed to bring a snack.

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