Vestry Meeting Minutes

Vestry Minutes – 2014 Vestry Meeting held on Sunday February 22, 2015

1) Opening Prayers
The Rev. Mark Gladding opened the meeting in prayer at 12:00PM

2) Appointment of Vestry Clerk
Stephanie Goddard was appointed as the vestry clerk. Lynne White made the motion. Carried

3) Acceptance of Minutes of Vestry meeting on Feb. 23, 2014
It was moved by Rebecca Wang and seconded by Mary Pataki that that the reading of the minutes from the Vestry meeting on Sunday February 23, 2014 be dispensed with, and that they be accepted as printed in the annual report. Carried.

4) Acceptance of Reports
It was moved by Bea Evans and seconded by Grace King that the reading of the reports to vestry be dispensed with, and they be accepted as printed in the Annual Report. All were in favour. Carried.

5) Presentation and Acceptance of Churchwarden’s 2014 Financial Report and Financial Statements
Rev. Mark highlighted the increases in a power point presentation and discussed the positive things that happened in 2014. He discussed the faithworks increase and mentioned that another speaker would visit us this year. MAF grant allowed us to do many things. Bequests of $52,800. We finished the year with a surplus. There were no questions about the 2014 financials.

These financial statements were unaudited as Bob is in Florida. The motions to allow the Wardens to accept the audited statements was moved by Beth Gibson and seconded by Lynne White. All were in favour.

The acceptance of the 2014 Financial Report and Statement as printed in the report was moved by Susan King and seconded by Maisy Curzon. All were in favour.

6) Presentation and Acceptance of the 2015 Budget
Rev. Mark briefly discussed the revenue and expenses with a power point presentation.

Anne drew attention to the fact that in 2014 we brought in more than we budgeted to. Terry mentioned that the work is by no means over and that we have some challenging targets to meet in 2015. He stated that everyone should feel good about what we’ve done but understand that we cannot relax next year.

Our big challenge for 2015 is a new roof for the hall. There are 5 places where there are leaks and we need to buy a new roof this year. Quotes so far are for $40,000-60,000. We did try for a trillium grant but it was unsuccessful. When we are clear on the details we will have another special vestry meeting to deal with that expenditure.

2015 budget did not make it into the report but will be in the bulletin next week. There is a net deficit of $32 expected for next year.

The acceptance of the 2015 Budget was moved by Jane Oliver and seconded by Terry Grier. All were in favour. Carried.

7) Parish Advisory Board and Officers
The following persons were elected/appointed:
People’s Warden: Charlene Evans,
Rector’s Warden: Doug Smith;
Deputy People’s Warden: Susan King
Deputy Rector’s Warden: Sharon Williams
Advisory Board: Mary Ann Johnston, Marion Linfield, Lynn White, Cara Wigle, Linda Elkerton

Mark mentioned that there is a vacancy on the Advisory board and that anyone interested should speak with him. The motion to approve the Advisory Board and officers was moved by Debbie Wagdin and seconded by Lynne White. All were in favour.

8) Incumbent’s Appointments – Rector’s Warden and Deputy Rector’s Warden
The following persons were elected/appointed:
Lay Delegate to Synod: Charlene Evans, plus one vacancy.
This motion was moved by Terry Grier and seconded by Debbie Wagdin. All were in favour.

Parochial Tribunal: Ruth Holdsworth, Richard Evans
This motion was moved by Anne Crowe and seconded by Maisy Curzon. All were in favour.

Financial Reviewer: Bob Wigle
Envelope Secretary: Gwyn Thompson
This motion was moved by Maisy Curzon and seconded by Lynne White. All were in favour.

9) Other business:
Rev. Mark presented a power point with details from the Town Hall survey, highlighting the positive things that were said about St. Margaret’s and the suggestions for 2015.

Terry thanked Lynne White and expressed deep appreciation, on behalf of everyone at St. Margaret’s, for her dedication and hard work for over 25 years for as Envelop Secretary. He said that she has done an amazing job over the years and at income tax time there is always and extensive account of everything. He recognized the tremendous amount of work it takes each week to put everything together and thanked her for her service to St. Margaret’s.

10) Special Events
Mark reminded everyone that the sign up sheets for events were available at the back of the room and that we were still looking for volunteers to chair some events.

11) Adjournment and closing prayers – Rev. Mark Gladding
A motion to adjourn was moved by Melinda Simkew and seconded by Lynne White. Carried.

Rev. Mary was handed an upside-down microphone and proceeded to tell everyone to shut up when they began to tease her – every one had a good laugh and Mary continued.  She thanked everyone at the head table, especially to the wardens for their work in the thankless job. And also to all of the volunteers. The meeting was adjourned by Rev. Mary and closed with the prayer at 12:27 pm.

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