February Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Rev. Mark, Rev Mary, Anne, Susan, Mary Ann, Lynne, Doug

Regrets: Cara, Linda, Melinda, Charlene

12:30 Check-in – No check-in conducted at this meeting

12:40 Prayer – Doug opened the meeting with prayer.

12:45 – Big Items

Children/Youth/Family Ministries

A review and conversation on the current children/youth and family ministries as a preamble for the visioning of what these ministries can and should look like.  This included a brief overview of the Wednesday evening services with guest speakers that took place in January 2017.  Andrea outlined the steps and actions she has/is taking to re-image the Youth ministry.  Opportunity was given for questions and observations by the board members. The plan is continuing to be developed.

Name Change & Role and Responsibilities of Advisory Board

The board was advised that the Incumbent/Wardens have decided to focus the Advisory Board for 2017 and going forward with a new name and responsibilities.  The Advisory Board will be referred to as the Parish Life Committee and members of the committee will have responsibilities for a segment of the Parish List for pastoral care and support.  The current members were asked to consider their continued membership on the committee and provide the Incumbent/Wardens with a response in one-week.  The board members agreed this was a positive change.  The Parish Life Committee will still function as the Advisory Board when matters require a vote.

1:30 – Routine Items

Program Updates

No program updates were discussed at this meeting.

Property Updates

A quote for a new PA system, screens and projectors was presented.  A grant application from Our Faith, Our Hope has been completed to fund this project.  The quote and grant application is for $XX,XXXX.  A vote was taken to accept the quote and application.  The board agreed unanimously.

Other Business

The financial statements were presented and reviewed by the board.

1:45 – Meeting evaluation

No evaluation took place at this meeting.

1:45 – Adjournment & Next Meeting Date (see below)

2017-18 Parish Life Committee Meeting Dates

Sunday April 16th

Sunday June 18th

Sunday September 17th

Sunday November 10th

Sunday January 20th, 2018

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