June Advisory Board Meeting

Purpose: To hold an Advisory Board meeting to conduct the business of The Parish of St. Margaret, New Toronto.
Desired Meeting Results: (DMR’s)
By the end of this meeting we will have…
1. Had a devotional time
2. Reviewed, discussed and made decisions, as required, on the various agenda items
3. Confirmed next meeting date including identifying a memberto do devotions and bringthe snack
Who: Rev. Mark, Rev Mary, Anne, Cara, Linda, Melinda, Marion, Susan, Mary Ann, Charlene, Lynne, Sharon, Doug

Proposed Agenda

Finance Update
Program/Events Updates
Past Events:

Spring Tea
lncumbent Report
Youth Report
Upcoming Events:
Strawberry Festival
VBS Summer
Various individuals as per event
0ther Business:
Other item(s)
Next Meeting date,including devotions and snack

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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes From Sunday, September 27th

Present: Rev. Mark, Doug, Linda, Charlene, Melinda, Susan, Sharon, Terry, Anne, Lynne, Andrea, Mary Ann
Absent: Cara, Marion

Agenda item: to be discussed at a later meeting – have a serious discussion about what happens when the MAF grant money is gone.

Financial Statements: presented by Anne
– generally things are looking good

Stewardship: presented by Terry
– Peter from the Diocese joined the last Stewardship meeting and brought good ideas
– On pre-authorized giving we have 26 people, for a parish our size we should have 35 people on PAG; this is something to work on
– Sometime next year the Diocese of Toronto will take over PAG from the United Church and two potential withdrawal dates will be offered.
– Lynne asked if there will continue to be a fee for the Diocese of Toronto takeover of PAG and it was felt that the fees were very minimal and would continue to be that way
– Looking at ways of following up with newcomers and two or three possibilities were discussed by the Stewardship Committee
– Legacy Giving was also discussed
– And we are planning to have a Sunday where this is discussed more thoroughly in the service – potentially winter 2016
– There is a new approach to following up on giving appeals, which Terry presented as written appeals can be ignored and personal visits aren’t always feasible.
– The new approach is a ‘relay’ approach. The parish is divided into groups by proximity and then decide on a ‘captain’ and the captain fills in their pledge card and asks the next person on the list to pass it on
– The response rate, if not the fundraising, has increased in parishes where this has been tried. The participation rate in the fundraising has increased
– There are two possibilities for any stewardship campaign we embark upon – “Joyful Giving” and/or a “Raise the Roof” campaign to pay off the $45,000, which needs to be repaid.
– Narrative budgets and other documentation will also be available and included with any literature in our fundraising campaign
– Peter (from the Diocese) will be available for help as we continue with our stewardship as our year of coaching has concluded
– He has been very complimentary of our work on stewardship over the past three years. The Diocese is very pleased with our work and very supportive.

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Advisory Board Meeting – March 2015

Purpose: To hold an Advisory Board meeting to conduct the business of The Parish of St. Margaret, New Toronto.
Desired Meeting Results: (DMR’s)
By the end of this meeting we will have…
1. Had a devotional time
2. Reviewed, discussed and made decisions, as required, on the various agenda items
3. Confirmed next meeting date including identifying a member to do devotions and bring the snack

Present: Rev. Mark, Rev Mary, Anne, Susan, Charlene, Lynne, Sharon, Doug

Regrets: Cara, Linda, Melinda, Marion, Mary Anne, Terry
Meeting Notes
Time Item Meeting Notes
7:15 pm Check-in A brief check-in was conducted.
7:20 pm Devotions Susan shared a devotional with an inspirational thought from the Dali Lama.
7:25 pm Finance/Stewardship Reports Updates A financial report was distributed and reviewed. The report provided a comparison of the actual year to date totals for January & February 2015 to January & February 2014. It was noted that these statements indicated that we are presently in a very good financial situation with revenue increase and expense decrease for the 2015 year. The hope is to have this trend continue for the remainder of this year.
It was also noted that an increase has also occurred in Sunday worship attendance for this same period for an average of 84 in 2015 in comparison to 74 in 2014.
No stewardship report was presented. It was noted that we continue to follow the Diocese stewardship calendar. The next task on the calendar will be a letter to all envelope holders encouraging them to become Pre Authorized Givers (PAGs).
7:30 pm Warden’s Report Updates
• Property – Roof

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Vestry Meeting Minutes

Vestry Minutes – 2014 Vestry Meeting held on Sunday February 22, 2015

1) Opening Prayers
The Rev. Mark Gladding opened the meeting in prayer at 12:00PM

2) Appointment of Vestry Clerk
Stephanie Goddard was appointed as the vestry clerk. Lynne White made the motion. Carried

3) Acceptance of Minutes of Vestry meeting on Feb. 23, 2014
It was moved by Rebecca Wang and seconded by Mary Pataki that that the reading of the minutes from the Vestry meeting on Sunday February 23, 2014 be dispensed with, and that they be accepted as printed in the annual report. Carried.

4) Acceptance of Reports
It was moved by Bea Evans and seconded by Grace King that the reading of the reports to vestry be dispensed with, and they be accepted as printed in the Annual Report. All were in favour. Carried.

5) Presentation and Acceptance of Churchwarden’s 2014 Financial Report and Financial Statements
Rev. Mark highlighted the increases in a power point presentation and discussed the positive things that happened in 2014. He discussed the faithworks increase and mentioned that another speaker would visit us this year. MAF grant allowed us to do many things. Bequests of $52,800. We finished the year with a surplus. There were no questions about the 2014 financials.

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Advisory Board Minutes – January 20, 2015

Advisory Board Meeting

January 20, 2015

Present: Rev. Mark, Doug, Elizabeth, Cara, Lynne, Marion, Rev. Mary, Terry, Charlene, Mary Ann, Susan


Finance/Stewardship Reports and Updates

• We have a surplus this year, at this time last year, we were short money
• The surplus has come from the MAF grant and some bequests in the will
• Discussion of difference between “other givings-memorials/specials” and bequests – no one quite sure how this is divided when it comes to these categories
• Question of the diocesan loan which is listed this year at $50,000 and we have paid $23,000 of it – this needs to be changed in the report

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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes – Nov. 18th, 2014

Advisory Board Meeting – November 18th

Present: Marion, Doug, Cara, Susan, Sharon, Mark, Charlene, Rev. Mary, Mary Ann, Linda, Lynne, Rev. Mark

Regrets: Anne, Elizabeth, Terry, Julie
Check-ins – we shared our days, ups and downs
Devotions – Doug led us in devotions
Marion mentioned how much her friend who was visiting enjoyed being here at church & Out of the Cold
Sharon mentioned that her friend and friend’s son would like to volunteer at St. Margaret’s events

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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes – Sept. 15, 2014

Present: Anne, Elizabeth, Charlene, Doug, Mark, Mary, Lynne, Terry, Susan, Rosemary
Regrets: Cara, Mary Ann, Linda, Marion, Julie
Roundtable check-in
Devotions – Charlene

Finances – Anne presented the current financial information including a report on the MAF grant finances

  • We have met all are targets so far with the exception of increased income
  • Stewardship continues under Terry’s leadership
  • More events are planned for the coming months

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