Spring Tea & Market 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our Spring Tea & Market, to all of the incredibly talented vendors and to all who volunteered their time, talents and supplies! It was a great event!

Congratulations and Thank you to our 50/50 draw winner, Leona, who generously donated her winnings to the Lakeshore Out of the Cold program

Congratulations to our raffle winners:

Tea Gift Basket #1 – Sintaa
Tea Gift Basket #2 – Kelly
Big Rock Gift Pack – Catherine
Big Rock Hat, Sweater & Coupons – Ashely
Baby Gift Basket #1 – Marion
Baby Gift Basket #2 – Adele
Concrete & Co Gift  – Melissa
Home Grown Soaps Gift Basket – Sintaa
Nourish Me Creatively – Sintaa
Lama Jewelry – Joan
One2Tree Studio – Julie
Comfy Accessories – Sintaa
Handmade with Love & Joy – Rebecca

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

That is how this morning’s reading from Mathew ends in the version of the Bible we normally read from. And Leviticus, our first reading, was no better, “You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy.”
Same story in Matthew’s Gospel, when we are instructed to be perfect, we are told to do so because God is. The version we heard this morning from the Message soft peddles the perfection part. Eugene Peterson, the author of the Message, gives us; “This is what God does. God gives his best.” Peterson understands our modern day infatuation with being perfect…so he saved us from ourselves a bit. After all, let’s be honest, which one of us hasn’t fallen into the trap of looking in the mirror, the fashion magazine, the sports illustrated and lamented the fact that I’ll never be that perfect. The easy thing to do is just give up – who could blame you – I’m never going to look like Matthew McConaughey – I could maybe buy a Lincoln – but I’ll never look as good driving it!
Thankfully God has another kind of perfection in mind for you and me. So the question this morning becomes how do we reveal our god given perfection?
When we think of perfection in today’s world, we get all caught up in tangible stuff: The perfect job with the perfect colleagues, the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, the perfect church, with the perfect priest (who likely looks more like Matthew McConaughey than me), the perfect hair that perfectly frames your face, the perfect swoosh on your new shoes that have just the perfect shade of blue…Toronto Maple Leaf Blue or maybe Toronto Blue Jays Blue .

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Sherway Academy of Music

07-PatricksMusicLessonsBanner21 (002)

We are pleased to announce that St. Margret’s is the new home of the

Sherway Academy of Music has been providing music lessons in our community since 2002.

Lessons include Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Voice, Bass & More, for ages 5 – Adult.

Lessons are held:
Tues – Thurs from 3pm – 9pm
Saturdays from 9am – 1pm
@ 156 Sixth Street, New Toronto

Call Bill at 416-259-0251 for more information or email sherwaymusic@gmail.com

NEW STUDENTS – Save 25% on your first month!

PARISHOINERS – Receive a 10% discount on all classes!


A Sermon for the Second Sunday of Advent – 2016

Stanley Hauerwas, as you may remember is my favourite theologian, he grew up in small town Texas.  Now life was pretty good and it was the kind of town where everybody knew everybody else’s business – and if you didn’t you just made something up!  Old Billy was the craziest character in town – his lack of sobriety was legendary – as was his love of being baptized.  You see every summer the tent meetings would be held.  Some fancy city evangelist would roll into town, set up tents just like the circus, and for the better part of a week there would be something to do in the evenings for a change.  Most of the town would roll out to see the show.  And usually by Thursday night Old Billy would be whipped up into such a state of remorse for the way he’d been living that he’d ask, no he’d demand to be baptized.  And the preacher would always comply.  Folks had long ago lost count of how many times Old Billy has been baptized.

In those days John the Baptist appeared in the wilderness of Judea, proclaiming,
“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”     It’s worth stopping for just one second and note – all four of our Gospels begin with the story of John the Baptist – only two say anything about Jesus’ birth.

John is important – his message more so – because his sermon –“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near” was picked up by Jesus and he made it his own.

We preachers love John – the honest amongst us all have that little voice in our heads that says go ahead do it  – “”You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”  Trouble is we preachers came from “you brood of vipers.”  We’re not better and likely we’re worse!    And what if that brood of vipers were really no worse than old Billy from Texas; folks who know what they’re supposed to be about, who try hard to be about God’s work in the world, and just find themselves failing at it all too often.  Are they – is Billy – really all that different than you and I?

We hear John the Baptist’s charge.  And maybe it’s you and me and our way of being about the religious life that has to change. We are the ones who must look at the fruit of our faith and what it is or is not bringing about in our community.  John’s questions aren’t for anybody else, but for you and me.  Have we for too long stood on the shoulders of our ancient traditions and ancestry as Anglicans? Are we bearing anything that looks like good fruit for the commonwealth of God?    If Advent is about preparation – maybe the preparation we need is some self –reflection on our faith and on our lives.

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A Sermon for the Reign of Christ

Christ the King is not a popular festival.  We even changed the name to the reign of Christ, I suspect in part because we don’t get the concept of King’s anymore.  A whole bunch of  churches don’t even observe this day. We don’t give Christ the King presents or treat it as a holiday. Kings have become irrelevant to the affairs of nations, and the so-called Second Coming grows more remote with every passing miscalculation. One Christian group calculated the precise day of his return, October 22, 1844. They quit their jobs and took to the high ground.  The day has gone down in religious history as “the Great Disappointment.” Already in the New Testament the complaint is raised in the letter of Second Peter, “Where is the promise of his coming?” We have waited patiently for Christ our King. Our heads are up. Where is he?

Today’s Gospel reading, which recreates a small segment of a conversation between Jesus and the men he was crucified with.  It’s a little disorienting to walk into church—maybe you were a few minutes late—just in time to hear a Holy Week reading in late November! Have we slept through Christmas? It’s not a misprint. Andrea did not

read the wrong passage. The fact is, the majority of references in the Gospels to Jesus as king do not refer to his celestial power but to his trial and crucifixion.

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A Sermon for the feast of St. Margaret 2016

This morning’s gospel reading is one of those occasions when what we think, what we want to being going on and being said – bears little or no resemblance to what Jesus was trying to get at.  Our trouble is we don’t speak the language of the New Testament – our dilemma lies in that we’re dependent upon an English translation that sometimes leads us astray.  I don’t want to disappoint but sadly this morning is one of those times.

We want to use this passage to justify ourselves – we do the very things Jesus is on about around here. But this passage isn’t about us. One of this worlds’ better biblical scholars put it this way concerning who Jesus was talking to:  If “all the gentiles” excludes Jews, it must also exclude Jewish Christians and therefore Christians in general, who will be judged according to the criteria established by the Sermon on the Mount and other teachings of Jesus. “ All the Gentiles” refers to pagans who are neither Jewish nor converts to Christianity.  Jesus audience this morning is therefore not you and me – not the Church – but the world around us, our secular nonreligious, spiritual but not religious neighbours.

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June Advisory Board Meeting

Purpose: To hold an Advisory Board meeting to conduct the business of The Parish of St. Margaret, New Toronto.
Desired Meeting Results: (DMR’s)
By the end of this meeting we will have…
1. Had a devotional time
2. Reviewed, discussed and made decisions, as required, on the various agenda items
3. Confirmed next meeting date including identifying a memberto do devotions and bringthe snack
Who: Rev. Mark, Rev Mary, Anne, Cara, Linda, Melinda, Marion, Susan, Mary Ann, Charlene, Lynne, Sharon, Doug

Proposed Agenda

Finance Update
Program/Events Updates
Past Events:

Spring Tea
lncumbent Report
Youth Report
Upcoming Events:
Strawberry Festival
VBS Summer
Various individuals as per event
0ther Business:
Other item(s)
Next Meeting date,including devotions and snack

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Advisory Board Minutes from Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Minutes – Tuesday April 19, 2016

Present: Doug, Mary Ann, Susan, Sharon, Linda, Lynne, Mark, Charlene

Check-in – all shared their experiences today – good and bad

Doug did the devotions.

Finances – statements were distributed and discussed.  Overall, we’re doing okay.

Stewardship – Charlene spoke briefly about a change in the plan – the Joyful Giving Campaign we’ll move to the fall, the Time and Talent Campaign will be done in late May or early June.

Property – Doug mentioned that there have been comments about how great the building looks inside and out.  Thanks to Maisy, Brett and John for doing such a wonderful job.  The only issue to discuss is the church roof.

Roof -Three roof quotes were presented to the Advisory Board.

  • Smart Roofing indicated that a lot of work needed to be done to solve the problems.  Two to three layers of shingles on there now to be removed.  Plywood would also be required.  $10,000 of their quote is plywood.
  • GBS Contracting – Does not include the roof deck – plywood.  This would add about $10,000 to that quote.  Fibreglass shingles.
  • Metal Roof Outlet – lower quote.  No need to remove the old shingles.  It looks like slate from the ground.  More ecologically sound.  Ice and water shield will also be added.  It should make the church warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  This roof is also more fire retardant – should the house next door catch on fire we’d be in a better position.  The advisory board is in agreement with the warden’s decision to select this roof.
    • To be scheduled for July.  It should be done within a week.

Discussion took place regarding banking arrangements with TD and the possibility of moving to CIBC as recommended by the Diocese.  Wardens will need to investigate various possibilities.

Past events – no comments other than a discussion about the great attendance at Easter and the services throughout Holy Week.  April concert was wonderful – Luke and the Humber College Gospel Choir.  $730 was raised for the Youth Group.

Upcoming events.  Steph organized a planning meeting to plan the April Concert, the Spring Tea, Strawberry Festival and the Summer Vacation Bible School.  Elton Lammie will come back on Saturday October 15.  Future events will be planned in June.

Clean up day on Saturday – all are encouraged to come out to help.  Further dates will be set specifically for oven cleaning and sorting out the storage room.

Youth reports were distributed.  Please feel free to speak to Andrea if you have any questions or just to give her some encouragement.

Minutes of all the Advisory board meetings will be shared with the parish – via webpage and a copy at the back of the church for people to read.  It was suggested that there be a binder at the back of the church with all the Advisory Board minutes and Youth reports.  Any members of the parish will then be able to access the minutes and can always attend a meeting. (although if there is anything that needs to be voted on – they would not be able to vote).

Next meeting:  Normally we meet every second month.  Because March was cancelled due to illness – it was decided that the next meeting will be on June 21st after the event planning on June 12th.

Mary will be asked to do devotions.

Sharon will bring the snack.

Meeting closed with the grace @ 8:35.

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes From Sunday, September 27th

Present: Rev. Mark, Doug, Linda, Charlene, Melinda, Susan, Sharon, Terry, Anne, Lynne, Andrea, Mary Ann
Absent: Cara, Marion

Agenda item: to be discussed at a later meeting – have a serious discussion about what happens when the MAF grant money is gone.

Financial Statements: presented by Anne
– generally things are looking good

Stewardship: presented by Terry
– Peter from the Diocese joined the last Stewardship meeting and brought good ideas
– On pre-authorized giving we have 26 people, for a parish our size we should have 35 people on PAG; this is something to work on
– Sometime next year the Diocese of Toronto will take over PAG from the United Church and two potential withdrawal dates will be offered.
– Lynne asked if there will continue to be a fee for the Diocese of Toronto takeover of PAG and it was felt that the fees were very minimal and would continue to be that way
– Looking at ways of following up with newcomers and two or three possibilities were discussed by the Stewardship Committee
– Legacy Giving was also discussed
– And we are planning to have a Sunday where this is discussed more thoroughly in the service – potentially winter 2016
– There is a new approach to following up on giving appeals, which Terry presented as written appeals can be ignored and personal visits aren’t always feasible.
– The new approach is a ‘relay’ approach. The parish is divided into groups by proximity and then decide on a ‘captain’ and the captain fills in their pledge card and asks the next person on the list to pass it on
– The response rate, if not the fundraising, has increased in parishes where this has been tried. The participation rate in the fundraising has increased
– There are two possibilities for any stewardship campaign we embark upon – “Joyful Giving” and/or a “Raise the Roof” campaign to pay off the $45,000, which needs to be repaid.
– Narrative budgets and other documentation will also be available and included with any literature in our fundraising campaign
– Peter (from the Diocese) will be available for help as we continue with our stewardship as our year of coaching has concluded
– He has been very complimentary of our work on stewardship over the past three years. The Diocese is very pleased with our work and very supportive.

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