Advisory Board Minutes – January 20, 2015

Advisory Board Meeting

January 20, 2015

Present: Rev. Mark, Doug, Elizabeth, Cara, Lynne, Marion, Rev. Mary, Terry, Charlene, Mary Ann, Susan


Finance/Stewardship Reports and Updates

• We have a surplus this year, at this time last year, we were short money
• The surplus has come from the MAF grant and some bequests in the will
• Discussion of difference between “other givings-memorials/specials” and bequests – no one quite sure how this is divided when it comes to these categories
• Question of the diocesan loan which is listed this year at $50,000 and we have paid $23,000 of it – this needs to be changed in the report


• Terry addressed the stewardship committee issue and data
• One of the questions the diocese asks is how many committed people are on PAG or other type of regular giving
• We have about 25 on PAG and another 53 people who give with envelopes or whose offering we can identify
• This is a little below what the diocesan target, but not much so that is good.
• What percentage of our operating budget comes from our offerings and normal offerings of the parish – Diocesan aims for 70%, we are at 70%
• What is our annual giving in related to the Diocesan average of $1,150- our average is $1455 from the 78 givers we identify, so this is 126% of the Diocesan average!! Great news!
• Faithworks – this year we doubled our Faithworks contribution to $1664.20
• Overall we have had a good and busy year – can do better Terry would like to see more people on PAG and more money given, but all the numbers are headed in the right direction
• We are now 18 months in the Diocesan stewardship programme and have been asked to give our feedback on this programme
• This is the final advisory board meeting before the vestry, we need a nominating committee for the vestry next month
• A list was passed around to indicate if people wished to continue to serve on the advisory board
• Warden’s meeting on Sunday after church – all the wardens will continue to stay on for one more year, the wardens are excited to continue to work with everyone at St. Margaret’s and see things development at the church
• Doug expressed his gratitude for people’s honesty and good conversation and discussion around the advisory board table – all done for the good of St. Margaret’s
Warden’s report

• Property issues – coat rack has been moved and some mats have been put down to keep floors and carpet clean
• Quote on pump repair on the furnace – it will be about $1000
• Mary Ann asked if this was normal wear and tear on the furnace and this is a normal repair
• Waiting for fire exit to be finished and then will be paid for and the closer on the front door and then it will be paid for
• We would like to add railing to fire exit that leads to the front of the building
• There is also ceiling/wallboard issues to be repaired in that fire exit
• We are waiting to find out about our Trillium Grant for a new roof
• Terry asked if the fire exits were remaining clear – that is the warden-on-duty’s job each Sunday morning
• A warden’s binder is in the process of being created which is a month-by-month guide for property and general issues and maintenance
• The idea is to keep on top of issues with the building and trying to be proactive in things and not reactive to what comes up
• Sharon is working on keeping that binder
• Doug asked if there was any other issues people had
• Rev. Mary has been noticing and hearing positive comments about the cleanliness in the building
• Lynne asked if people who come and go from the church were aware that people needed to be closing all the fire doors. This is an insurance issue.
• When we do our next fire drill we have a brief reminder about the internal fire doors needing to be closed
• Then we discussed which doors were fire doors and all the ones at the bottom of the stairs need to be closed as they are fire doors
• We need to look at whether or not these doors should have door stops
• Perhaps the Carpet needs to be smaller and/or the doors need to have clear signs on them

• Sacristy cupboard doors are falling off and need to be repaired

Recent Events

• Mary Ann offered her praise for the 4:00p.m. Christmas service and how easy it was to invite friends with small children. Cara commented that the telling of the story was lovely for both children and adults and coming together around the table was also lovely

• Mary Ann also asked about the 8:00p.m. service – there were over 100 people and Charlene commented that the service was lovely. Lynne is still adjusting to Christmas Eve but liked the service itself. Susan noticed how many seniors were at the 8:00p.m. service,

• Doug has heard very positive things about all Christmas activities at St. Margaret’s

• Christmas Dinner – Cara figures 250 guest plus volunteers, the second room had to be set up. There were enough people in the kitchen, but not too many and had a really good team in the kitchen working well together. This contributed to a well run Christmas dinner

MAF Grant Global Benchmarks

• These were the benchmarks that needed to be met for our MAF grant – it will be recommended that we get the money for this year

• In the Diocesan parish rating system we have moved from Strategic, but not Sustainable TO Strategic and Sustainable! This is pretty impressive.

• Mary Ann questions how or where the global benchmarks would be set for 2015 – they are already set within the MAF grant.

• We have a long way to go to meet the final goal of growth, but we are growing, moving in the right direction. Mark reminded us that churches do not grow in a straight line – churches often grow in spurts! We seem to be in the middle of a spurt.

• Lynne was asked to comment on the bazaar. She said that they monies were a bit down from last year, but people seemed to enjoy themselves, particularly the lunch.

• Susan said she had heard people commenting “why is this only three hours?” Lynne explained that the last hour was often spent waiting to finish.

• Lynne has decided that chairing the bazaar was her last year – Elizabeth thanked her for her work for the last twenty years

• Cara commented that with our onerous fund-raising goals we should be encouraging people to take more ownership over our activities and fundraising. We can start by supporting the Pancake Supper.

Café Service – done with St. James Humber Bay/Christ Church

• First event is happening on January 30th between 7-10p.m.

• The idea is to target people aged in their 20s and 30s. The people from the coffee shop are giving us the space for free and they have been very accommodating for this service.

• There will be a blessing for this ministry tomorrow evening at the regular Wednesday night service.

• On the night the coffee, tea, hot chocolate will be $1 and the Our Faith, Our Hope grant money will make up the difference. Pastries will be available at the usual price. John, the youth minister from St. James Humber Bay/Christ Church has been coming to Tuesday Cooking Club.

• Pancake Supper – Anne is in charge of tickets and raffle tickets. People have been signing up for various jobs etc… Terry requested an electronic copy so he could email it to other volunteers and people. Cara commented that many OOTC volunteers are not always included in our other events and we should be better at getting people’s email addresses and ensuring they are invited/included in other church events

• Mark commented that in his training on fundraising we have a large number of people in our database, but many do not have email addresses. We need to work on that and get more email addresses.

• Mark also commented that all our direct mailings now include a donation card. Our Christmas mail-in donations doubled from last year. Comments were made that our mailings and newsletters were very professional looking and attractive, with great pictures and testimonials

Upcoming Events

• Town Hall is February 15th – we are looking for feedback on how St. Margaret’s has made people feel during 2014.

• Doug commented that people are always available to hear constructive criticism, but during the town hall we are looking for people to say how St. Margaret’s has impacted them positively.

• Volunteer sign up – Cara suggested once the sign up is done, we need perhaps a reminder or something to keep in mind what you have signed up for. Also we need to approach people to co-ordinate the event and the person who is in charge has been identified.

• The next Sunday will be the Vestry Meeting (February 22nd)

• Wednesdays in Lent – services at 7:15 and then documentaries at 8:00 on a variety of subjects (the planet, the economy, art etc…) we are trying to stretch people’s minds during Lent

• April 21st York Credit Valley Council at St. Margaret’s – question of whether or not to feed them? No we don’t need to feed them, coffee, tea, water pretty much all they need

Any other business

• Elizabeth asked how the envelope secretary would be working now that Lynne has stepped down

• Gwyn and Stephanie will be the envelope secretaries – they will be working with a programme called SUMAC. Elizabeth asked who would have access to this information. The wardens, the envelope secretaries and the priest. With this programme as well, other people can have access to the database – without being given access to the monetary part. For example Rosemary can add the names and addresses of parents of the youth without seeing the monetary information. Doug commented that at the warden training he went to, it was indicated that wardens did have access to monetary information.

• Susan asked if there were people in the church who gave no money at all. Mark indicated that there were four types of givers and there were some people who do give no money to the church.

• Mark indicated that right now we don’t have an income problem.

• Charlene talked about how to give using envelopes. There is some confusion as to how to use these envelopes. We will talk about how to use envelopes at the Town Hall meeting.

• Rev. Mary talked about how much she likes the windows that are well lit.

• Cara asked if there was a donation asked for at the Wednesday night. Mark said there was a plate, but it was not passed around. Most of the people attending this service are part of the Sunday congregation. We are going to be asking more deliberately for a donation at the Sunday @ 2 service.

• Charlene commented on the success of the goat campaign. We were able to purchase 5 goats and two mosquito net kits and we are looking at perhaps another goat as just this week we had another $20 come in the mail! This was an idea that came out of a Wednesday evening discussion.

Next meeting is Tuesday, March 24th at 7:15. This will be with the new advisory board.

Susan has volunteered to do devotions

Mary Ann has volunteered to bring snacks

Doug thanked the advisory board for their wisdom, guidance, conversation, laughter and disagreement around the table. We are an active and growing community and this shows by how we discussion our various opinions and the opinions of others.

Doug thanked Lynne and Elizabeth for their service as they are both stepping down from the advisory board.

Doug asked about meeting improvements – people indicated it was quite cold in the church, liked the fact the meeting finished at a reasonable time. Mary Ann thanked Mark for NOT announcing more changes at this advisory board meeting!

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