Advisory Board Minutes from Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Minutes – Tuesday April 19, 2016

Present: Doug, Mary Ann, Susan, Sharon, Linda, Lynne, Mark, Charlene

Check-in – all shared their experiences today – good and bad

Doug did the devotions.

Finances – statements were distributed and discussed.  Overall, we’re doing okay.

Stewardship – Charlene spoke briefly about a change in the plan – the Joyful Giving Campaign we’ll move to the fall, the Time and Talent Campaign will be done in late May or early June.

Property – Doug mentioned that there have been comments about how great the building looks inside and out.  Thanks to Maisy, Brett and John for doing such a wonderful job.  The only issue to discuss is the church roof.

Roof -Three roof quotes were presented to the Advisory Board.

  • Smart Roofing indicated that a lot of work needed to be done to solve the problems.  Two to three layers of shingles on there now to be removed.  Plywood would also be required.  $10,000 of their quote is plywood.
  • GBS Contracting – Does not include the roof deck – plywood.  This would add about $10,000 to that quote.  Fibreglass shingles.
  • Metal Roof Outlet – lower quote.  No need to remove the old shingles.  It looks like slate from the ground.  More ecologically sound.  Ice and water shield will also be added.  It should make the church warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  This roof is also more fire retardant – should the house next door catch on fire we’d be in a better position.  The advisory board is in agreement with the warden’s decision to select this roof.
    • To be scheduled for July.  It should be done within a week.

Discussion took place regarding banking arrangements with TD and the possibility of moving to CIBC as recommended by the Diocese.  Wardens will need to investigate various possibilities.

Past events – no comments other than a discussion about the great attendance at Easter and the services throughout Holy Week.  April concert was wonderful – Luke and the Humber College Gospel Choir.  $730 was raised for the Youth Group.

Upcoming events.  Steph organized a planning meeting to plan the April Concert, the Spring Tea, Strawberry Festival and the Summer Vacation Bible School.  Elton Lammie will come back on Saturday October 15.  Future events will be planned in June.

Clean up day on Saturday – all are encouraged to come out to help.  Further dates will be set specifically for oven cleaning and sorting out the storage room.

Youth reports were distributed.  Please feel free to speak to Andrea if you have any questions or just to give her some encouragement.

Minutes of all the Advisory board meetings will be shared with the parish – via webpage and a copy at the back of the church for people to read.  It was suggested that there be a binder at the back of the church with all the Advisory Board minutes and Youth reports.  Any members of the parish will then be able to access the minutes and can always attend a meeting. (although if there is anything that needs to be voted on – they would not be able to vote).

Next meeting:  Normally we meet every second month.  Because March was cancelled due to illness – it was decided that the next meeting will be on June 21st after the event planning on June 12th.

Mary will be asked to do devotions.

Sharon will bring the snack.

Meeting closed with the grace @ 8:35.

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