Advisory Board Meeting Minutes – Nov. 18th, 2014

Advisory Board Meeting – November 18th

Present: Marion, Doug, Cara, Susan, Sharon, Mark, Charlene, Rev. Mary, Mary Ann, Linda, Lynne, Rev. Mark

Regrets: Anne, Elizabeth, Terry, Julie
Check-ins – we shared our days, ups and downs
Devotions – Doug led us in devotions
Marion mentioned how much her friend who was visiting enjoyed being here at church & Out of the Cold
Sharon mentioned that her friend and friend’s son would like to volunteer at St. Margaret’s events

We began to go through the financial statements

  • Looking at what was up and what was down over the year
  • Noting that Robbie Burns dinner wasn’t included in either year
  • We then moved on to the narrative budget, it is part of the stewardship campaign – going out in a couple of weeks
  • We looked through the narrative budget, the budget as set is predicated on a significant increase in giving, will this happen?
  • We discussed pledge cards – there is one included in the back of the narrative budget
  • Mark talked about the purpose of pledge cards – it is to help people make more of a commitment to making the donations; it is the act of filling the pledge cards out that is important, not necessarily using the pledge cards to set a budget
  • We also discussed people from the advisory board or congregation calling people and/or going to see them to pick up the pledge cards – again it is all about the commitment and for the person who does the pledging, not the church
  • Mary talked about the idea of checking at the end of the year to see if you have kept your pledge – perhaps as a self check-in
  • Doug talked about the fact no one would be held accountable or judged for whether or not they fulfilled the pledge


  • Terry not here to address this
  • Mark talked about the email correspondence we have been having with the stewardship coach from the diocese
  • We are meeting targets we set for ourselves – we have exceeded some of the targets – attendance is up, there are more envelope givers

Wardens report

  • Roof is still leaking
  • Trillium Grant application is in
  • Back fire exit door needs to be fixed
  • Need a door closer on the front door of the church – parts are here, but it needs to be installed
  • Electrician has been in and changed out some of the lights
  • Lighting atmosphere for Robbie Burns was much improved
  • Stained glass windows are now lit – 5 of 6 the last will be done when the part comes in
  • We have to decide what we are going to do about the glass on the stained glass windows on the outside of the sanctuary
  • Change to church – back of the church – to move the coat racks into the church itself – agreed that this change would be made
  • Can we put the panel back with pew in front of it to include the coat racks?
  • Lynne was worried that it would become a junk collecting place
  • It will be a narrow coat room – that would only be able to hang coats up –
  • There is something behind the coat rack – it can be either moved or thrown out
  • We now have two sextons – one inside and one outside
  • Brett Husband is working on the inside of the church – floors waxed, improvements in cleanliness
  • Brett is also overseeing John McCallum who is doing the outside work – raking leaves, doing snow clearance etc…
  • Time sheets for both are being submitted and they are paid hourly, but it needs to be less than 20 hours a week

Cara asked if Brett was being paid for the work he is doing at OOTC? There is a cleaner paid by OOTC who does cleaning in the morning but she cannot do the heavy lifting. If Winston doesn’t come to OOTC, then Brett could be paid for cleaning through OOTC, but if Winston does come, then does Brett get paid? Does he volunteer?
Charlene is going to speak to Brett about his hours with OOTC. It needs to be made clear what Brett is doing for the church, what is he doing for OOTC and what he is volunteering to do.
Cara will continue to search for Winston

Report of Events

  • Oktoberfest – made a bit of money on that evening – it is combined with the other concert in St. George’s Night
  • Mark mentioned the idea behind the concerts is that we have the opportunity to invite our friends to St. Margaret’s in a low key atmosphere, that will give us the opportunity to have our friends here in a low threshold event. We need to invite our friends and have more of the congregation participating.
  • Marion and Sharon expressed that they have heard concerns about people coming to church and drinking on a Saturday evening and then coming back to worship on a Sunday.
  • Cara discussed the idea we all need to be more committed and responsible to our church and growing our community.
  • Mark said that these opportunities are for us to become a more cohesive community and become friends with each other. We need to try and work on this to make us a stronger and more successful congregation.
  • Sharon suggested Doug perhaps could talk on a Sunday – do a sermon about growing the community.
  • The message to the congregation needs to be – individually, from each of us – that we missed the people who weren’t there. These more social events need to be seen as important as Sunday mornings. We need to want to spend time together and create community amongst ourselves.

Upcoming events

  • Bazaar, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Concert – December 21st in the afternoon
  • Committees for all these things?

Christmas Dinner – Cara asked for the list Mark said he would get it for her– Trish Buchanan is in charge of adult presents and has already started.
There are four dinners without Alan – 3 dinners in 7 days
Matthew will take over for Alan for Christmas Day as head of the kitchen
Marianne Semkiw will be taking care of the other two dinners.
It would be helpful if each person in charge of an event produces a piece of paper summarizing each event so that they can answer questions on the phone and sometimes they will do some of the leg-work for us as well.
Mary Ann will have a conversation with Alan about all the bits and pieces of the Christmas Dinner and create a ‘binder’ of the things that he does and send it along through email.
We then discussed the bishop’s visit on January 11th. We will have about 12-13 confirmation candidates. We discussed having soup, sandwiches and dessert.
We talked about signing up for the various events in February. Around time of Vestry.
Mark would like to change the Christmas Eve services – Children’s service at 2:00p.m., then change the adult Christmas Service at 8:00p.m.
Discussion ensued – about the change of time and service and impact this will have.
We have a motion to change Christmas Eve services to 4:00p.m. and 8:00p.m.
Made by Sharon, seconded by Mary Ann and yes votes were: Charlene, Mark, Mary, Marion, Doug as well as Sharon and Mary Ann

No votes: Lynne
Abstentions– Linda, Cara, Susan
Motion carried – Christmas Eve Service will be changed as discussed.


April 21st – Synod meeting requested to be here. It would mean cancelling the youth meeting for one week. Charlene asked if there would be an issue in cancelling it for one week – it was decided that it was so far in advance that the Youth would be able to make other arrangements.
Motion to have Synod meeting carried. Youth Group will be cancelled.
Any other business – there was none
Meeting Evaluation – we thought we were fun at the beginning, had fun in spite of ourselves. All voices were heard, opinions were heard. Some good suggestions and good conversation at our meeting
Wardens have been doing performance evaluations on all staff. Doug and Mark have been working on that with all staff. Doug took some notes about the concerns Susan expressed at the beginning about youth group. Staff review is happening with sextons. January and February of every year will be performance reviews for the previous year for all staff members. All paid staff will be evaluation. Doug also brought up the idea that volunteers perhaps should be evaluated as well. It was decided to leave that idea!


Meeting ended with the grace at 9:00p.m.

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