Advisory Board Meeting Minutes From Sunday, September 27th

Present: Rev. Mark, Doug, Linda, Charlene, Melinda, Susan, Sharon, Terry, Anne, Lynne, Andrea, Mary Ann
Absent: Cara, Marion

Agenda item: to be discussed at a later meeting – have a serious discussion about what happens when the MAF grant money is gone.

Financial Statements: presented by Anne
– generally things are looking good

Stewardship: presented by Terry
– Peter from the Diocese joined the last Stewardship meeting and brought good ideas
– On pre-authorized giving we have 26 people, for a parish our size we should have 35 people on PAG; this is something to work on
– Sometime next year the Diocese of Toronto will take over PAG from the United Church and two potential withdrawal dates will be offered.
– Lynne asked if there will continue to be a fee for the Diocese of Toronto takeover of PAG and it was felt that the fees were very minimal and would continue to be that way
– Looking at ways of following up with newcomers and two or three possibilities were discussed by the Stewardship Committee
– Legacy Giving was also discussed
– And we are planning to have a Sunday where this is discussed more thoroughly in the service – potentially winter 2016
– There is a new approach to following up on giving appeals, which Terry presented as written appeals can be ignored and personal visits aren’t always feasible.
– The new approach is a ‘relay’ approach. The parish is divided into groups by proximity and then decide on a ‘captain’ and the captain fills in their pledge card and asks the next person on the list to pass it on
– The response rate, if not the fundraising, has increased in parishes where this has been tried. The participation rate in the fundraising has increased
– There are two possibilities for any stewardship campaign we embark upon – “Joyful Giving” and/or a “Raise the Roof” campaign to pay off the $45,000, which needs to be repaid.
– Narrative budgets and other documentation will also be available and included with any literature in our fundraising campaign
– Peter (from the Diocese) will be available for help as we continue with our stewardship as our year of coaching has concluded
– He has been very complimentary of our work on stewardship over the past three years. The Diocese is very pleased with our work and very supportive.

Property Update: presented by Mark and Charlene
– the roof cost is $40,228 and additional repairs were made to the masonry at a cost of $2938 for a total of $43,166.
– In addition there were plumbing repairs (drain had to be moved, plumbing was re-routed) and eaves trough has been replaced this added $3400 to the cost.
– A bill for HVAC call-out is yet to be charged. So all in we are looking at close to $50,000.
– Smaller jobs also need to be done: dishwasher needs to be fixed, drains need to be fixed, lighting in driveway and back fire exit needs to be replaced
– Charlene thanked Mark for repairing the roof underneath the fire exit as this saved us a lot of money.

Raise the Roof Campaign
– this will probably be our first campaign as we have to pay back the money from the Diocese. It is provincial law that we pay back the money to the Rectory Fund at the Diocese. It is not the Diocese dictating how we are using our money.
– In terms of the campaign we need the campaign to roll out to get commitments from people so we can pay back the money over three years.
– Doug said we would like to have advisory board members to show leadership and make their pledges early in the campaign

Past Events: Strawberry Tea, Summer Camp
– Andrea said she heard some complaints there were no strawberry
sundaes at the Strawberry tea, she feels this should be put back into the options
for the menu
– Question of whether or not the tea was successful? It was rainy and numbers
were down, but it raised almost $1000. The Pancake Supper, the Strawberry Tea and the Peach Festival made just under $3000 in the last year.

Summer Camp & Youth Report: presented by Andrea
– summer camp was a huge success, there were people on a waiting list who could not get in and people want to sign up next year.
– The camper to staff ratio was good
– Andrea said she would like to look at a newer theme for next year
Youth Report
– Andrea has switched Cooking Club and the program from Tuesday to Wednesdays as per her school schedule, the programs seem to be running well and so far so good
– There will be two students coming from Humber to work with Andrea
– New idea: since summer camp was so successful it was thought to do a PA Day program on Friday, November 13th as it is a city-wide PA Day and to have these continue throughout the school year
– Days can be planned and volunteers can be found

Oktoberfest – September 26th
– people seemed to have a good time, it was an early night – finishing about 10:00p.m.
– there were no sausages left and we made some money.

Upcoming Events

– November 7th is Robbie Burns Dinner and Tuesday, September 29th is the planning committee meeting
– November 28th is the Christmas Bazaar – there was some question of who would be in charge as the person who had originally signed up to be in charge of the bazaar no longer comes to church
– December 20th is the Children’s Pageant in the morning during the service and the Community Carol Sing is at 4:00p.m.
– Spring Concert – Rev. Mary and Charlene have come up with an idea – that we would hold a Toronto Welshman’s Choir Concert. We pay the choir, provide the venue, they sell their CDs and then we can raise money from the ticket sales, refreshments etc…
– This is the type of group that will bring their own following to the concert
– We need to think through the logistics of this idea, Andrea enquired as to the cost of bringing this group to St. Margaret’s – we will be able to cover the cost, and should be able to make money
– It was discussed that we would perhaps try and get this done in May or June
– Terry said this sounded like a good idea, Mark asked if we should consider using the Assembly Hall? Larger venue?
– It was decided that we should pursue the idea of having them come to perform a concert and further updates will be done at the next meeting.

Other Business

Flower Donations
– Anne indicated that Flower Donation money isn’t coming in we need to look at changing things up here
– There will now be a chart in the vestibule of the church for flower donations that will go up in November for the next year. There will be as many spaces as needed for any given week for whomever wishes to sign up.
– It is hoped this will make things easier and bring in the flower donations

– Sharon indicated that volunteers are needed to help with the gardening next year and to clean up this fall
– Everyone complimented Sharon and the gardening team for how great the gardens and flowers look and what it adds to the church

Church Use
– Mark said there are two new groups meeting at the church
– One is offering parenting classes and has been reasonably well attended
– One is drama/acting classes for children, “Acting Out” which rents the space
– The exercise “Boot Camp” classes are also continuing and expanding to more times during the week,
– music for the mid-week services has been organized

Anglican Church News
– Council of the General Synod has received a report on same-sex marriage that has been offered to the church. It will be presented at the next Synod – question of whether or not we want to have lessons on the report? This report and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report will be offered as a lesson by Mark, so it can be studied.
– Mark brought up the need to think about asking for Our Faith Our Hope money for new technology for our worship spaces. This is likely to be a contentious issues so we will have it as an agenda item on our November 24th meeting.

Meeting closed with the grace

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 24th at 7:15p.m.

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